Re: Outlook 2003 change email sort order?

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Thanks, Kimber. I was hoping for some slick hotkey that would take me to the
column header controls. I know I can do that in "add or remove programs",
for example (allows me to sort installed programs either by name or by
install date). Not sure why all list view controls don't work the same.

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I haven't had outlook 2003 for a while now and I'm a bit fuzzy, but I want
say look around under the view menu. I'm pretty sure you can change the
view/sorting under there.


On 9/23/15, Paul Martz via Jfw <> wrote:
Does anyone know an easy way to change the email sort order in Outlook

The list view of emails has headers for each column, and a sighted
user can just click on the column header to sort by that column. But I
can't find an accessible way to get to those column headers in JAWS.

Using the current version of JAWS16. Thanks for any help.

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