A Question Regarding the Accessibility of the Amazon Music Download App with Jaws

Mark <facebookmark@...>

Hello Everyone,

Today I received a notice from Amazon informing me that my beloved Amazon
MP3 Downloader app, which I have been using for over 8 years, has been

Amazon has revamped its website which now allows for the downloading of
purchased MP3 files from within one's browser of choice.

I have to admit that , even using an older version of Jaws on one of my
older PCs, the web experience is much better.

However, Amazon continues to push the use of its desktop music app. So,
today, after resisting all these years, I decided to install the music app
on a Windows 7 PC running Jaws 15, I believe. I also have Zoomtext on that

To put it bluntly, my experience with the app was terrible. It seemed to be
completely inaccessible, even with Zoomtext.

I am writing to see if anyone, on-list, has any experience using the app
with any success with Jaws.

I am more than happy to use my web browser to play and purchase and download
my purchased music from Amazon but I do like to explore all possible

All replies welcomed.

Thank you,


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