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Hello Keith,

You will not see progress updates using Windows XP, in the same way you
would see them using Windows 7. If you Route your JAWS Curser to your PC
Cursor, and then arrow up and down through that dialogue, you can get a
since for what is going on. Good luck!

I hope this helps.


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I have an old digital music player whose library I want to copy to an
external hard drive. Thesoftware to access that player is on my old Windows
XP machineI'm trying to highlight all of several hundred music albums in mp3
format and copy them to my external hard drive. I've done a Control C and
then gone to the external hard drive folder I want to dump them in and hit
Control v.

Nothing seems to be happening as far as JAWS reading the contents of the
file on the external hard drive.

Is it possible the transfer is going as desired or is it just not working? I
don't know if I can expect to see progress as a transfer happens or if it
will just sit there until it's done before it tells me anything.

Of course, I'm concerned the copy and paste approach may exceed the
capability of the clipboard.

Thanks for any thoughts.


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