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Robert Logue

I'm curious about turning off Flash and why we should disable it. Didn't know labels worked better in Youtube without it. Thing is do we disable or set to ask to activate?

I decided to look in to this. Found a checkbox for Flash in Firefox that wasn't labeled so I read more and found something we should know about. I'll paste it below without comment.

Adobe Flash protected mode in Firefox | Firefox Help

(Redirected from
Enable Flash Protected Mode Settings on Firefox)

Flash protected mode
is a security feature for Firefox which is implemented by Adobe for Windows operating systems (Windows Vista/7/8 or above). This feature is enabled by
default, to make it difficult for attackers to access your computer.

Flash protected mode might cause Flash performance problems in Firefox, such as persistent hangs or plugin crashes. This is especially true for users on
Windows touchscreen devices and for users who use accessibility tools.

On 9/21/2015 6:50 PM, Brad Martin via Jfw wrote:
No, it's not a security issue. Like I said, if you had said you were getting an error that Flash was disabled, that would have been the problem.

I have noticed that Firefox seems to crash a bit with video embedded sites lately. Honestly, what I've found that helped me was installing an add-on called Adblock. I installed it at the recommendation of a friend, but when I did, almost all my crashing problems stopped. You can download it at if you want it. It has fixed most of my issues.


On 9/20/2015 10:15 PM, douglas richard dexheimer wrote:
I can still listen to the stations or videos in question on my iphone; sometimes when I get a crash message in FF (on my win7 computer using nvda) I try the link in my ot her browsers--sometimes it works, other times not. other browsers may get unresponsive, or show the controls but no sound is heard from the embedded player. I'll get a message like "embedded object unavailable." why would flash's security diminish with later versions of firefox--i.e., why did those sites work in earlier ff versions on my older windows xp computer, but not in the current version on my new windows 7 machine?

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On 9/20/2015 9:28 PM, Brad Martin wrote:
Sorry you didn't get my response from a few days ago. Trying again...

What I wrote regarding Firefox 40.0.3 was:

That should work. I thought you were going to say the buttons weren't
reading for you correctly, because that is often the case with Firefox.
Flash reads
better with Internet Explorer. If you're getting a message that Flash is
disabled, it suggests that there is a security flaw in Flash and Firefox
is blocking
access to it until Adobe releases a patched version of Flash. If it's
crashing, that's a beast of another color.


On 9/20/2015 8:58 PM, douglas richard dexheimer via Jfw wrote:
did anyone get this yet? I've gotten no response so far.

Douglas Richard Dexheimer
Chief of Braille Productions
Born-Again Productions
The Friedman Place, Apt.308
5527 N. Maplewood Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625
cell phone 913-244-0612

On 9/15/2015 3:22 PM, douglas richard dexheimer wrote:
using firefox 40.0.3; what is the latest version that supports afp? on
some websites that use flash content (youtube, spotify, live365, video
streaming sites with embedded objects or players, etc.) I get a popup
saying the adobe flash plug-in has crashed. the same site may or may
not work on other browsers such as IE, chrome or webbIE. uninstalling
and reinstalling afp didn't improve things. thanks for your feedback.
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