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Kimsan <kimsansong@...>

I don't have an answer to your issue but I will assure you that it's not
exclusive to windows 10, and if memory serves, this issue dates back to
windows 7 for me.
Restart, restart, rinse and repeat to the point where it became irritating,
so I just requested for another key. It finally stopped.

Kimsan Song

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Hi all,

I don't know for what reason, it is happening in a desktop running windows
10 and jaws 16 64bits. Some times when I start the computer, I mean been
off, the computer start, and jaws that I need to restart because the 40 min
expired.. I have the license for this jaws, and after I restart the
computer, looks like jaws is reading the license, because the problem stop.

What could be happening here, is annoying need to restart the computer every
time that I start the computer.

Thanks for any advice,

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