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Brad Martin


If you mean the ADS-1000W, there are plenty of specs on to tell you just about everything you could want to know but were afraid to ask. Honestly, it sounds like it does not have a flat bed at all. A 20 page document feeder is how you scan documents. It comes with Control Center 4, which is very accessible, so there are very few things you would ever need to do from the touchscreen. About the only thing you couldn't do is one-touch scan to destinations like Email. But you could still Email documents. You would just use Control Center with JAWS and you could scan the docs to files, then attach them to Emails yourself. It does have duplex scanning (scan both sides of the page at one time), which is a nice feature.

Having said that, this thing is expensive, especially for what it doesn't seem to be--a flat scanner. Honestly, you would probably do better to get the Brother All-In-One MFC-L2740DW. It black and white prints and copies, color scans, and it faxes if you have a land line. About the only thing you don't get with the MFC-L2740DW that you would get with the scanner you mentioned is the Brother Receipt manager program, and I can't tell you if that works with JAWS or not. I do have the MFC-L2740DW and I love it. Amazon sells it for $189.99 here.

You didn't say which brother printer you have, so I can't tell you how it compares with this one, but we're getting a little far of field anyway. Email me at if you want to discuss off list. For now, the software that comes with the scanner you're looking at (control center 4) is accessible (I use it with JAWS 15 and Windows 7) and will let you do almost everything with the scanner, but it does not appear to come with a flatbed, and it's awfully expensive. I get the sense it's supposed to be portable since it only weighs 3.3 pounds.


On 9/19/2015 6:52 PM, Peter Tesar via Jfw wrote:
Hello List,

I need to get a new scanner. The problem is that the technology has changed over 20 years. Can a blind person do a simple scan, without sighted assistance, on these new types of scanners?

The old scanning process was simple. My old HP scanner is a flat bed.

Just lift the lid, place the letter size page face down and close the lid. Then I could use the HP software to start the scan.

The HP scanner also had physical buttons for e-mail, PDF and even copy to the default printer.

My online browsing of scanners makes me wonder if I will have a problem. The Brother ATS-1000w has dimensions less than a letter size paper.

11 inches wide, 4 inches deep & 3 inches high.

It also has a 20 sheet feeder. It also has a touch screen display.

I assume that there is no flat bed. Maybe a slot. Maybe an attachment to hold the document or photo which means the foot print is larger than listed.

I already have a Brother Laser printer. The Brother Creative Center is very accessible with JAWS.

Online shopping is limited in the information presented. I would appreciate any comments on possible problems that I might encounter after getting the scanner home and set up.

Peter T.

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