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Peter, I did get a Cannon
3500. We haven't fooled with
much scanning, because I had
so much to learn with Outlook
and Windows 10, making the big
jump from XP and Outlook
Express. Before we installed
the ABBYY Fine Reader, we
scanned something. I copied
the picture, took it to
Microsoft Word, pasted it into
a word file and could read it.
This one has the glass tray
for scanning. The slot for
printing is different, and it
has guides that you can bring
together by moving only the
right one, and the left one
moves symmetrically with the
right one to print smaller
material. We had to put my
checks in landscape, but
they're going through fine.
The Cannon 3500 does have the
buttons on the top and not
under a screen. We saw several
models of printers at
OfficeMax that did have button
displays on them.

Bye for now,


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Hello List,

I need to get a new scanner.
The problem is that the
technology has changed over 20
years. Can a blind person do a
simple scan, without sighted
assistance, on these new types
of scanners?

The old scanning process was
simple. My old HP scanner is a
flat bed.

Just lift the lid, place the
letter size page face down and
close the lid. Then I could
use the HP software to start
the scan.

The HP scanner also had
physical buttons for e-mail,
PDF and even copy to the
default printer.

My online browsing of scanners
makes me wonder if I will have
a problem.
The Brother ATS-1000w has
dimensions less than a letter
size paper.

11 inches wide, 4 inches deep
& 3 inches high.

It also has a 20 sheet feeder.
It also has a touch screen

I assume that there is no flat
bed. Maybe a slot. Maybe an
attachment to hold the
document or photo which means
the foot print is larger than

I already have a Brother Laser
printer. The Brother Creative
Center is very accessible with

Online shopping is limited in
the information presented. I
would appreciate any comments
on possible problems that I
might encounter after getting
the scanner home and set up.

Peter T.

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