Need a new scanner.

Peter Tesar

Hello List,

I need to get a new scanner. The problem is that the technology has changed over 20 years. Can a blind person do a simple scan, without sighted assistance, on these new types of scanners?

The old scanning process was simple. My old HP scanner is a flat bed.

Just lift the lid, place the letter size page face down and close the lid. Then I could use the HP software to start the scan.

The HP scanner also had physical buttons for e-mail, PDF and even copy to the default printer.

My online browsing of scanners makes me wonder if I will have a problem. The Brother ATS-1000w has dimensions less than a letter size paper.

11 inches wide, 4 inches deep & 3 inches high.

It also has a 20 sheet feeder. It also has a touch screen display.

I assume that there is no flat bed. Maybe a slot. Maybe an attachment to hold the document or photo which means the foot print is larger than listed.

I already have a Brother Laser printer. The Brother Creative Center is very accessible with JAWS.

Online shopping is limited in the information presented. I would appreciate any comments on possible problems that I might encounter after getting the scanner home and set up.

Peter T.

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