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Soronel Haetir

I've never had need of them myself but for the first problem, if the
information is always in the same spot on screen you might want to
look at the jaws' frames facility. As I understand it a frame is sort
of like a virtual window jaws lays on top of the real window and you
can then get the text within the frame or be informed when the text

And for the dialer, again I've never had need of it myself but there
is a package called hot spot clicker maintained by a list member that
may be of assistance, again especially if the window always appears at
the same screen coordinates (or possibly at the same offset from its

As far as the list box goes have you tried assigning the listbox class
to the control? (Admittedly a long shot for apps written using modern
methods but still worth a try).

On 9/18/15, Guy Schlosser via Jfw <> wrote:
Hi all, if this isn’t the right place to post this, please excuse it and
direct me where to send this inquiry. I just got a new job at a
Teleperformance organization called Alliance One. They use a software
package called Facs Work station, and while it works reasonably well, there
are some issues. The first, I’m trying to write a script that tells me the
client’s name and balance before I call them. The information is at the top
of the window, in read only edit boxes that are not tabable. I use the find
string function in my script, but it doesn’t always retrieve an accurate
result. Secondly, there is a manual dialer window that pops up when you hit
shift+f-12, and I’m wondering if I can automate finding this box and moving
focus to the edit box where I can enter the phone number. Last but not
least, is there a way to make a list box read that JAWS does not read with
the PC cursor? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as it would help me
speed up doing my job tremendously.



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