The Body of An email with an Attachment

Sterling France

I am a new user of the list.

I have windows 7, JAWS 16, and Outlook 2013.

It started 3 days ago, I would scan a doc, after pressing save, the send to
comes up and I press alt HAS then my signature comes up and I press entre
and a new window comes up asking for the send to again.

I put all that info in and get down to the message body and type in my

I now have all my info in, the send to, CC, title, the attachment and the
message then I tab to done and press entre.

The person I sent the email with the attachment received it but nothing was
in the body of the email. My CC came to me the same way.

Can anyone tell me what happen to the message and my signature. The
attachment and the send to, CC, date line and title were all there.

Thanks for any help.


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