Question about downloading from windows App store with win 10

Tom Macha <toml614@...>

Hello has anyone had luck with downloading apps from windows store using Jaws and Windows 10? Thanks, Tom

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Well said Maria.

I guess I will have to get the free trials and mess with uninstalling
other antivirus software again.


On 9/18/2015 3:02 PM, Maria Campbell via Jfw wrote:
The problem with anti-virus products is that they are not standardized to be accessible. They may be so today, but not tomorrow and then again they may be once more.
It's basically that simple. Although blind people should be as secure as sighted people on their computers, until if and when this concept is accepted and expected, we will continue to have this issue.

On 9/18/2015 4:35 PM, Robert Logue via Jfw wrote:
Which anti-virus and internet security programs working well with
Jaws 16?

Searching Bing for the answer to this question is not helpful. I sure
do wish people would test these things and keep a web site going so we
don't have to ask this question every time our security product needs

Not happy with AVG any more. Thinking of Nod 32 or Caspersky.



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