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Hello my name is tom. I have noticed that reasontly IE 11 is reading, "Unknown script called to go back." When ever I use the ault left arro key. What is the issue? I am sure this is an IE 11 issue because; I have tried google and it works fine. However; I prefer IE. Thanks,Tom

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How do I access this podcast?

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Hi Claudia:
Check out the Freedom Scientific podcast 109.
Towards the end of the podcast are suggestions for small, powerful PCs.

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I am needing portability and looking for suggestions. I have a
15-inch Dell laptop, but I need something smaller, for when I'm
traveling for work or just for personal use.
I would like something like what I used to have, a netbook, because I
believe it had a 10 to 12-inch footprint.
I need a Windows machine, with a keyboard, of course, but a DVD burner
is not crucial.
I need it to be able to support Jaws and K1000, if I need that.
Is there such a thing, nowadays?


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