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Go to the FS web site and download it. No special skills required.

Dave Carlson
Oregonian, woodworker, Engineer, Musician, and pioneer

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Alright! How does one become a JAWS tester?

Darn it! I'll bet you have to be a real techie, and that would not be I!
Techies get to do such great stuff! It's not fair!

Again, DARN IT!! And yes, I know that life is not necessarily fair!

In all honesty, I would rather have real techies doing this kind of thing,
instead of non-techies. Let them find all the problems, and fix them before
we get stuck with something substandard. Have fun GUYS! :) :)

Jim H

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Hi all,

I just installed the Jaws 17 beta. I am happy to announce that in Outlook
2013, when reading messages, when I press CTRL + D to delete the current
message and move to the next message, Jaws is placed at the top of the next
message, and I can read it as expected without first having to press the Alt
key twice or alt tab away and back to the message as I had to do in Jaws 16!
For me, this is worth the upgrade in and of itself! Good job FS! :)

Looking forward to hearing what everyone else thinks of Jaws 17.

Happy testing! :)


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