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Tony Schnurr

You can use convenient OCR pawn any screen where you believe there may be an image of text. To OCR the current real window use jaws key plus space quickly followed by oh then followed by W. You can also OCR the current screen by using jaws key plus space immediately followed by oh followed by S.
Hope this helps.

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I had never been told that we could use "convenient OCR" for situations
other than converting documents into readable text. In your below message,
on the subject of "G force experience update Nvidia", you suggest using this
to see if it would allow access to "buttons" that can not be read with JAWS
or PC cursors. Could you please provide more information on how this could
be done? And, are there other situations where Convenient OCR could be

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I wonder if you can run the convenient OCR while in that dialog to learn
more about those buttons?

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Heya folks,

Am running Jaws 16 and for awhile now have had issues updating my nvidia
video drivers using G force experience
When I am in the G force experience program I can get to the update area and
what to check and uncheck etc but under all that there's 4 to 5 unlabeled
buttons jaws just reads as button, button etc
Does anyone know the order of what these buttons do?
Any help will be appreciated



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