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Although familiar with "RUSH" - terrific fan - BEST HARD ROCK BAND EVER,
"touch wood" is a British expression as well!

Jim H

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I'm BACK, but with no problems, this time!!! Just a few quick comments-I
really am enjoying the continuing comments about French, and although I have a
satisfactory answer for my original quandary, I keep looking at the new posts,
because I might just learn something to keep in mind when a new issue
arises-so, thanks, everyone.

Jim H., you must be from Canada? The only place I ever heard the expression
"touch wood" is on an old interview done with the band Rush, which, BTW, I am
a fan of. I think it's ever so more elegant and satisfying than our "knock on

Off to finish reading the new entries.

"To love another person is to see the face of God."
(Les Miserables--the musical)
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