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Well, I've got to give that a try. Seems slightly easier than my old method.

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I just went to the Internet and found a table using the letter t on a
website. I actually went to the table and used control plus shift plus the
right arrow to select the table, and then the down arrow, pressed Control
plus C, opened Excel and pasted it into Excel. The two tables I used worked
well but the tables contained text. I have not tried one with numbers. My
table said table with 3 row and 11 columns. I actually went to to find a table.

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Subject: Can a Table be Copied from the Internet into Excel?


Is there some keystroke to select an entire table (or just a row or column
of it) on a webpage, and then be able to paste it into Excel maintaining
such table's row and column structure? For example, when navigating a
webpage, we hear "Table with X columns and Y rows." I wish I could copy that
table and then paste it into Excel retaining the column and row structure.
Being able to do this with a particular row or column would be fantastic!



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