Re: Can a Table be Copied from the Internet into Excel?


Here's what I do every time I need to copy a table...

First, I copy and paste into MS-Word.

Then I make sure the vertical arrangement has the same number of items and
spaces. e.g. If there are 5 headings, then there are five lines, each
separated by a line break, followed by the first data item. Keep the
sequence exact, every row in the table is 5 lines of text/data separated
with line breaks all the way to the end. This part is a bit tedious for a
very large table. Now select that entire pile of text.

Then I create the table in MS-Word using the "Convert text to table"
function. I tell it the number of columns and use auto-fit. I also make sure
that the separation is paragraph marks. Then hit OK. Now there's a table in
MS-Word that you can check for any misalignment errors. If you have some,
note where they are, and undo the conversion with Ctrl+Z. Go down the list
and fix the error by inserting a blank line or removing an extra line break.
Repeat until you have a good table.

Copy that table and paste into Excel.

Wasn't that easy? Not at first, but you get pretty good when you do it a few
times a month.

Dave Carlson
Oregonian, woodworker, Engineer, Musician, and pioneer

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Is there some keystroke to select an entire table (or just a row or column
of it) on a webpage, and then be able to paste it into Excel maintaining
such table's row and column structure? For example, when navigating a
webpage, we hear "Table with X columns and Y rows." I wish I could copy that
table and then paste it into Excel retaining the column and row structure.
Being able to do this with a particular row or column would be fantastic!



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