Re: Uninstalling older versions of JAWS.

Peter Tesar


I didn't get JAWS again until the whole process of installing Windows 10 was finished, almost 3 hours.

JAWS was alive for the download phase, about 50 minutes. I could get JAWS to read the progress line showing the percentage completed.

I had sighted assistance after the reboot.

Since, I was told that I could have finished the install process by starting Narrator
with the Windows Key plus ENTER.

The final phase required setting check boxes to allow your loss of privacy. I left it simple by leaving everything to the default.

On some computers, the chevron button has a:
start Windows 10 button

This I did not use because the computer did not have it in the chevron button.

Peter T.

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How did you get JAWS to restart after it stopped with the first system
reboot during the Windows 10 installation process?

Jim H

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I just went through the process of installing Windows 10. The Freedom
Scientific site:

says that you have to first use the utility tool to remove all versions
of JAWS prior to the latest version of JAWS 16: 0.4350.

The latest version of Jaws works with Windows 10.

Even if you don't want to install Windows 10, I would suspect that the
utility tool can still be used to clean up your computer of older
versions of JAWS.

After running the utility tool, I still had JAWS working and it
continute to work during the download and install of Windows 10. JAWS
stopped when the computer began the first of the several reboots.

Peter T.

On 2015-09-08 12:22 PM, Michael Mote via Jew wrote:
Hi folks! It's been awhile, and I can't remember the best way to
older versions of JAWS. Should I leave behind the shared components or
uninstall them too? Any suggestions?

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