Re: How to do a JAWS repair


Can this be done if you have other JAWS-related problems - not just for
moving to Windows 10.


Jim H

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Dacia, the best way to do a JAWS repair is to download the build of JAWS
that you are running. For instance if you're trying to repair JAWS 16, go
to the web-site and download the current build of JAWS 16. Once you have it
downloaded, navigate to the place where you downloaded the file. Then you
will want to copy the path. You will do this by pressing shift plus the
applications key. Then navigate to the option that says copy path. Once
you select this option by pressing enter, the file name is copied to your
clipboard. Now, press Windows plus the letter R to bring up the run dialog
box. Press control plus the letter V to paste the name of the file into the
run dialog. Then, you will need to enter the following switch command at
the end of the file name.
/type repair
Then press enter, or tab to Ok, and press enter. The JAWS repair process
should begin.
Hope this helps!

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Hi, as the subject line states, I'm having some issues with jaws. I want to
do a jaws repair to see if it will fix them. However, I can't remember how
to do it. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,

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