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FS stopped script development for MS-Access several versions ago; I think
around JAWS 7. You might get some help with that version if you can find the
scripts and recompile them for the current version. Another user on this
list has been struggling with MS-Access for years; perhaps he'll chime in.

Dave Carlson
Oregonian, woodworker, Engineer, Musician, and pioneer

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Yes, there is practically no material available for developing apps in
Access (or any VBA based).

I'm using common windows controls and appears the properties need to be
modified for JAWS. Some examples of issues Im having are:
- a password Textbox field, JAWS echoes the characters typed in and not
- radio buttons (in an Option Group) when checked, JAWS reads as Not-checked
(and vice-versa)
- cannot Tab to the heading of a Tab control

Anyone else gone down this road?


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I have often wondered myself why there is not more JAWS information on
Access. It is like Access just fell by the wayside.

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Hi ,
Is there any documentation or sample code out there for making MS Access
applications 508 compliant and/or readable with JAWS ?

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