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Yes, I see. In my friend's case, she prefers to hear the "an" sound, rather
than the sounds made when using the "au" or "o", in her name. So, using
your suggestion would make it " "zharn". But, what I have now, thanks to
another lister, works just great on my system.

Playing with 'your suggestion' and not changing my default synthesizer,
leaves me with "zhan", which also sounds pretty good - again, on my system.
I will explore the "French" side of the JAWS Dictionary if I start seeing a
lot of other words in French; but, I have not so far. "TOUCH WOOD"!


Jim H

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Hi all,

after experementing a bit, the closest I came up with was a variant using
British Eloquence. The American won't work, since the r is pronounced, and
thus useless. Here goes:
Also, you can set up the dictionary in such a way that it uses the French
synthesizer whenever it encounters the name Jean.


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