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I'm going to copy below the instructions I received a few months ago from FS. Note that the release number has been updated since then, so you'll need to adjust. Also, as the FS rep knew, my system is 64-bit. I don't know if yours is 64- or 32-bit. A final note: the JAWS repair takes a while, but there are no confirming announcements. JAWS tells you only when the repair is complete, at which point you reboot.

To run a JAWS 16 repair,
First download JAWS 16 to your computer. Go to:
Look for and download:
* JAWS 16.0.1925 64-bit English - January 2015 (133 MB)
Choose the 64 bit version. Save this to your computer. Do not run from current location. After the file is saved:
To run a JAWS 16 repair.
1. Copy the appropriate version to your C: drive
To run a JAWS 16 repair, go to the run dialog and type:
C:\J16.0.1925ENU-64bit.exe /type repair
And press enter.
The repair will run. After the repair has completed, reboot your computer.

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Hi, as the subject line states, I'm having some issues with jaws. I want to do a jaws repair to see if it will fix them. However, I can't remember how to do it. Any help would be appreciated.
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