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Steve Griffiths

Hi Jodie,

If you just want to move by paragraph, Ctrl-Down or Ctrl-Up will do it; you can add Shift to select by that amount.

If you want, you can also put paragraph marks on the screen so that, even if you're arrowing through a document, you'll know where paragraphs end. The "paragraph mark" is the character that you get when you press the Enter key, but usually it's not visible because most people aren't bothered about it.

The Ctrl-Shift-8 keystroke that's been mentioned adds a number of "non-printing" marks to the screen, including paragraph marks, spaces and Tabs. Recent versions of JAWS don't read these, and I think this is because people often pressed the command by mistake, and then couldn't get rid of the extra information JAWS was reading out.

But you can still add just paragraph marks to the screen from the Options dialogue. Press Alt, F, T to open the dialogue. DownArrow to Display, then Tab to Paragraph marks. Press Space to toggle the setting to checked. Then press Enter to close the dialogue. When you do it this way, JAWS will read the paragraph marks that are now on screen.

Hope that helps,

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Hi List,
I am doing an editing exercise using word 2013 and JAWS 16. I need to be able to detect paragraphs in the document so that I can highlight them and change their formatting eg., re-align the paragraph etc.
for the life of me I cannot find the commands to do this. Using a full keyboard.
Thanks for any advice.

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