Re: detecting formatting in word 2013 especially paragraphs

Kimber Gardner

Hi Jo,

I think what you want is to display paragraph marks so jaws will
indicate when you reach the end of a paragraph. To do this,

Go to options under the file tab by pressing alt F T.
You will find yourself in a list of categories. Arrow down once to
display, then tab over and explore your options for which marks to
display. Make sure to check the box for paragraph marks. Tab to ok and
press enter.

Now when you read your document with the up and down arrows (line by
line, you will hear jaws say "paragraph mark" when you reach the end
of a paragraph.

I hope this helps.


On 9/7/15, Jodie Hoger via Jfw <> wrote:
Hi List,
I am doing an editing exercise using word 2013 and JAWS 16. I need to be
able to detect paragraphs in the document so that I can highlight them and
change their formatting eg., re-align the paragraph etc.
for the life of me I cannot find the commands to do this. Using a full
Thanks for any advice.

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