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Chris are you actually testing jaws13? also am curious as you have
Professional equipment,why 32bit and not64 bit I was advised to get64 bit
and my equipment is certainly not Professional ,anyway I had a feeling you
would be back regards Dorothy

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Hello all.
After what I am seeing with the JAWS 13 public beta, which is very
impressive I must say, I have considered coming back. And now I am here. I
love the new features. Convenient OCR will come in handy for many
scenarios for me, especially because I deal with a lot of virtual machines
that wouldn't be accessible otherwise. I know I heavily criticized the
program in the past, and I am sincerely sorry for all that, but I am ready
to move on and am happy to use JAWS as a backup screen reader as a 40
minute demo. My system is Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. I also have a
Windows 7 32 bit netbook running Home Premium.
Take care and cheers.

Chris Hallsworth
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