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Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

I train people on the use of JAWS. Some of my clients come to me with a
rudimentary knowledge of a few of the MS ribbon UI shortcuts, as they have
previously used Window Eyes or NVDA. But their training is not complete, and
there are many MS ribbon UI shortcuts they don't know. Plus, they readily
admit that they think the ribbon UI is perhaps MS's worst design choice in
the history of computer user interfaces.

For these clients, I'd love to show them how the virtual ribbon interface
works, as it is much more like the traditional menu / submenu interface that
has dominated computing for decades, and still dominates Linux and OSX
platforms, basically everything except MS Office. When I turn on the virtual
ribbon, they almost universally prefer it to how they've been using the
ribbon UI previously.

However, they are woefully disappointed to learn that the few MS ribbon UI
commands they are familiar with, immediately cease to function as soon as
the virtual ribbon is enabled. This makes the transition difficult for them.
If only there were a hotkey to enable or disable the virtual ribbon, so that
they could easily switch back to the old interface until they figure out how
to do the same thing in the virtual ribbon. How many times I've heard this
from my clients, I can't tell you.

A hotkey to enable / disable the virtual ribbon would really ease the
transition from the MS ribbon UI to the JAWS virtual ribbon.

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And I for one see no point in being able to switch back/forth between them
as a toggle function; you either use them or you don't. But that's just my
opinion, which is subject to criticism.\

Dave Carlson
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