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Dorothy, you won't find a dictionary with the type of o c r with Jaws 13.
While it is true that most, if not all scanning programs that use o c r
(occular character recognition) in the case of Jaws 13, they are referring
to on-screen graphical character recognition which is something prior
versions of Jaws were unable to interpret. So, back to your favourite o c r
dictionary! I'm curious though, why did you stop at "yellow fever?"--you
were oh so close, "z" being the next and final letter of the alphabet.

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If I am allowed to remind you your OCR will have a large selection,even a

medical dictionary., take latter in small doses however. Only when I got as
far as Yellow fever did I realize it was addictive Dorothy
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Does anyone know if there are any dictionary programs accesable with jaws.
I'll probably be needing one for my English class this year. \

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