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Kimsan <kimsansong@...>

I asked the same question on the other jaws list and I was informed that you
couldn't silence that key.
You can try and be stubborn like me lol.
It's under setting center/manage keylabels.Don't look for alt, press "m" to
get to menu as alt is listed under that.
When you attempt to mute it, you will hear JAWS Settings Center
The mute/speak state of Menu cannot be toggled because this key is used
in combination with other keys.

You said you did that on another machine, how so?
I ask as I would like to silence the alt key as well.
Kimsan Song

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Hi All,

Would someone please remind me of the steps to silence a particular key in
jaws? I would like to silence the alt key, but it's been a long time since I
did it on another computer and I don't remember the steps.

Thanks in advance.



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