I can no longer e-mail streaming mp 3 links to my Pac Mate from my desktop

Ryan Coverdell

I listen on my Pac Mate Omni to streaming mp-3 files using the tcpmp
player. Since not all sites provide direct key-board friendly links to
these streams I have to sometimes get them either through search
engines and other means through my desktop pc. I used to e-mail myself
these real player links by going into the send link by e-mail option.
Now, what Real Player provides is an image which is not interpreted by
the Pac Mate and its older browser. I have thought of pasting the
stream Url and e-mailing it to myself using my desktop pc. But when I
hit control plus i in the Real Player cloud, it does not bring up clip
info, but rather a dialogue that thinks I am playing a could and asks
me to enter info about the stream. How can I change this? This is very
important, so could some one from the list tell me what you would do
in this situation? I hope my question isn't too complicated. I want to
once more be able to send streaming mp-3 links from my desktop pc to
my Pac Mate. I tried creating a desktop short-cut to a stream, but
this cannot be interpreted by the Pac Mate as a streaming link.
Kind regards, Ryan Coverdell

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