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Brent Harding

Does their online only version give you most of the sports channels? I got one of those offers to reactivate an inactive radio, but streaming was about all I ever used lately. The iOS version worked reasonably well. I could search for Packers and turn that on. The web player isn't something I've done much with lately.

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Tim, I'll be glad to show you around the new Sirius XM on-line player, and
if you're interested, show you the app for your iDevice. The on-line
version does work reasonably well, once you figure it out. Let me know if
you want me to help you out.

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Hello listers,

I just signed up for the online version of, which is probably
redundant! I am flummoxed with what to do from here. Are there JAWS
friendly instructions that anyone knows of? If not, is there someone who I
could pay to teach me how to navigate the web site? I just want to listen
to football and baseball without all the fuss. Any assistance or ideas is
greatly appreciated. Contacting me off-list is fine, the email address is
below my name.

Tim Ford

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