is there an e-mail address to send comments to hotmail (now outlook), about how deeply I dislike their site changes?

Ryan Coverdell

Fifteen months ago ago I began to have difficulty using my hotmail
account at home where I have centurytel as my ISP. For some reason it
is slow to load, and after 6 A.M. mountain time tends not to work,
with a message coming up that I should try again later. In going to
wireless hot spots in other places it tended to work. Nowwith changes
to their web-site I can no longer use them with the Pac Mate (which I
prefer to read e-mails on instead of the desktop). Also, with my
desktop, the site relies on buttons instead of key-board links, and
I'm really not sure how one deletes messages, searches for them, etc.
I use on my desktop Jaws 14 and windows 7. Are there any of you other
Jaws users who dislike the new outlook e-mail? Also, is there any one
of you who know of an e-mail contact address where I can send my
deepest dislike for their site to? I would like the option to go back
to the old site. Also, since gmail still works great on my Pac Mate, I
would like to send my thanks to them for keeping their site blind and
key-board friendly. So do any of you have an e-mail address for them
as well so I can send my sincere thanks. Regards, Ryan

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