Re: using jaws16 with windows10?

Allen Childs <lightnin60@...>

Also using JAWS 16 with Windows 10, and it works really well.


I use to have a handle on life, but it broke off!

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JAWS 16 is working fairly well with Windows 10 on my laptop. It's certainly
much more than minimal. If JAWS 16 latest build isn't working well for you,
you need to uninstall and reinstall it. It will work much better after that.

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Hello to new Windows 10 users,

I just upgraded my 5 year old laptop to Windows 10. It had Windows 7 and
it had a WiFi connection so I didn't need to figure out how to make a
net connection.

I chose to upgrade preserving all the existing files and applications.
That part worked.

Now some notes to keep in mind.

The current version of JAWS 16 works minimally. The latest version of
NVDA 2015.3 works much better.

To the person asking the question. How did you get JAWS into your new
laptop? Install NVDA 2015.3 to get more use out of Windows 10 until JAWS
16 and 17 come out.

In Windows 10, the Windows key + i will bring up the setting list. But
JAWS might not help.

I am guessing, the sheveron button (system tray) might give a connection
path. Press the Windows-logo key and then close the start menu with ESCAPE.

Then tab to the sheveron button and then arrow down or right. There
might be a network item to select.

Opening the start menu by pressing the Windows logo key will have the
edit field. JAWS 16 will not announce this. NVDA does and with NVDA you
can arrow down through a list. JAWS 16 cannot do this.

Maybe other Windows 10 users will have more advice.

Peter T.

On 2015-08-31 10:12 PM, Carliss via Jfw wrote:
Hello Listers,

I just baught a windows10 notebook. But I can't fine the settings for the
network. in other words, I can not get on the net.

Please help!

oh, by the way, are there some special settings in windows10 that I need
know for my computer to work right? Please if you will, let me know about



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