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Um, well...can you share that with the list?

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yes, i have a hot key created, so is posibble.

El 30/08/2015 a las 6:56, Adrian Spratt via Jfw escribió:
Although this method involves a menu, it isn't onerous. Press JAWS key+v
to open the quick settings dialog. Then press p until JAWS verbalizes
"punctuation." On my system, it takes three presses of p once you arrow
past the edit field. Or you can type p in the edit field and three options
appear, the second of which is "punctuation." Press the spacebar to cycle
through the punctuation level choices, leave the one you want, tab to Okay
and press enter.

I don't know if a hotkey can be created for this operation.

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Hi Everyone,
Is there any hot key that I can use, while I am reading something, turn
punctuation off and on, without going through any menus. Thanks.
Blessings and All the Very Best,

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