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If you want your newest e-mail on top, Hit Insert V plus V plus S, that is
for sort. Tab through the fields. If you check desdending, the newest one
will be on top. If you check ascending like I do, your oldest one will be on
top. Tab to OK. Isn't that grand? You could do that in OE too, but I have
forgotten how, would have to fool around in it, if I had it back.

Best from,


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Using outlook 2013, when having emails grouped in conversations, I'm
wondering is it duable to have the latest reply at the top?

Let me give an example.

On this other list, there is a conversation with 40 emails, but when a reply
comes in, I have to go to the email in the conversation it's replying to in
order to read it.

That could be like email number 26 and that is tons of down arrowing;
however, with outlook 2013 there is the unread button to list all of your
unread emails but just wondering if what I'm trying to ask is possible.

Kimsan Song

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