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Ann Byrne

Insert-spacebar, then J doesn't show a command to do this.

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Hi. I know you can stop JAWS from making "block text" announcements. I just went to the JAWS settings center (JAWS key+6 on the number row) in hope of finding a similar control for "region" announcements. However, although a search produced the "block text" option, I couldn't figure out where that option is located in the setting center. If you can, maybe you'll find a similar control there for "region" announcements.

My question now is how you can conveniently locate a topic such as "block text" within the settings center structure once you confirm it exists through the search function.

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Is there any way to stop JAWS from saying "region", empty region, end of
region, complimentary region, etc.? I find the message of not use, time
consuming, and on some web sites, highly annoying.


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