Re: MFC recommendations that work with PC and thus I can use Jaws


HPOfficeJet printers (all 4 functions) come with the "HP Solution Center"
software. I suspect that it works about as well as Adrian's Brother MFP,
and the JAWS interface seems fine. The one I have was put out before they
had touch screens, and I cannot tell you if the newest "OfficeJets" has this
feature; but, I am fairly sure that you would deal with it the same way.

Others on this list, I am sure, use other colour MFPs that would suit your
needs. Good luck. I look forward to your review on how well whatever you
choose works with JAWS.

Jim H

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Oops, I should have mentioned I need it to be a color laser MFC.



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You didn't say if you needed a printer that does color or not. I have a
Brother MFC-2740DW which comes with Brother's software, called Control
Center 4. It takes just a little getting used to, but I can control nearly
everything about this printer once it's set up properly. It's fantastic. I
haven't specifically tried envelopes on it, but I don't expect I would have
any problems. Pretty much all the controls read with JAWS. I have found that
if I create custom presets for functions, the labels that I assign to them
don't read. But that's the only thing that stands out to me as iffy. This
device has a touchscreen, but I just don't use it. I can copy and scan from
the computer using Control Center 4, and JAWS handles it fine. Note: I chose
the 2740 because it can scan both sides of a document in one pass. If that's
not important to you, the other Brother models in that line all come with
Control Center, including the MFC-L2700DW, and the DCP models if you don't
need Fax capability. I've been pleased.


On 8/27/2015 5:31 PM, Lauren via Jfw wrote:

I currently have a Canon laser MFC that allows me to print, scan, copy
and fax - all features I need. However, to print an envelope, I have
to do many steps on the printer, which is nearly impossible to always
replicate being totally blind.

Can anyone recommend a laser MFC that would enable me to control
everything from the computer?



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