How to get location from "File Save" dialog

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Hi all.

Is there a quick way to get JAWS to read the location (i.e., library name or
filesystem path) while in a "File Save" dialog?

Some apps use the "Documents" library as the default. Other apps have their
own location as the default. If you change the location when you save a
file, this is "sticky" for some apps, and for other apps it is not sticky.
Even if it is sticky, if it's been a while since I saved a file in the app,
I may have forgotten where I last saved the file. So the bottom line is:
Just about any time I save a file, I'd like to quickly find out where the
"File Save" dialog is set to save the file, before I click the save button.

It'd be nice if I could just hit JAWSKEY + T, but unfortunately, the current
location path is not displayed in the title bar of the "File Save" dialog,
so this doesn't work.

The "File Save" dialog typically opens with focus in the file name field.
The only way I know to obtain the location is to SHIFT + TAB about a half
dozen times until I get to the confusingly titles "toolbar desktop split
button", press spacebar, then hit JAWSKEY + UP ARROW to read the current
line. Note that the number of times I have to hit SHIFT + TAB to get to the
"toolbar desktop split button" is variable, as the number of controls varies
depending on the currently set location. So this method is time consuming
and rather a PITA.

Making matters worse, many applications use custom versions of the "File
Save" dialog. Each new version of MS Office, for example, has a completely
different "File Save" dialog. Other older apps, such as FS OpenBook, have an
old Windows 98 style of "File Save". Just as an example. How I get JAWS to
read the current location varies depending on the style of "File Save"
dialog the application is using.

This is really a problem that is screaming for a built-in JAWS solution that
would be universal across all applications and styles of "File Save"

Any ideas?

As a final note, I train blind and visually impaired people on using the
computer with JAWS, and one of the most frequent problems people encounter
is that they don't know where they are saving their documents and
subsequently are unable to locate them.

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