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Hi, the volume slider on the YouTube player can be accessed with IE11 by turning off the virtual cursor then tabbing or in my case shift tabbing until you reach the player controls. When you have tabbed to the player controls tab to the volume slider and the slider will work with the arrow keys as long as you have the virtual cursor turned off. This method also works with the forward and back slider.
Tom Bisset

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The other day I posted a query after losing lost all sound on YouTube when using IE11 as my browser. I now have the solution, though it isn't a good one.

Several people offered suggestions, but nothing worked. Keep in mind that I could get sound on other websites with IE11, and I could also get sound on YouTube with Firefox. In my query, I noted that JAWS showed a volume panel for YouTube that it didn't detect when IE11 was the browser.

I've now confirmed that the solution is to raise the volume on the YouTube page when using IE11. Since this setting is not accessible, it required asking someone with sight.
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