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Gary King

Have you tried YourTube, the accessible YouTube web site? It's at

It uses the accessible player from AFB to play YouTube videos and Channels. The buttons have shortcut keys. I didn't see a Skip Commercials button, but I did read something on the site about a lack of ads. Of course, they would like you to send a small donation if you use the site.

Gary King

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On the skip commercials button, wait five seconds, then press F5. It works most of the time, though not all.

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Is there a JAWS keystroke for commercial-skip on Youtube? I know sighted people can skip ads, but I’ve looked for a button that says “skip,” to no avail.

Also, unrelated: is there a way to tune in radio online and still use JAWS, and if so, can the radio volume be reduced enough to still hear the screen reader well?

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