Re: Are there any members on this list, using File Scavenger with JAWS?

Marten Post Uiterweer

Hi Dave,

You don't have to change the * [star]. It will search for everything by default.
You can change it to a part of the foldername.

You can leave it star.
Press tab, select the drive and to search.
When the search is ready, you can tab to the list.
Maybe it is more clear, to go to the view menu and select tray, so the list is presented in a treeview.

Regards, marten

On Tue, 25 Aug 2015 11:45:27 +0100 Dave Durber via Jfw <> wrote:

For those who do not know about File Scavenger, it is a file recovery program, which works well with JAWS.

My problem is, I stupidly deleted a folderfrom one of my hard drives. I have not done anything to the drive since I performed my stupid mistake.

Now, of course, I would like to use File Scavenger to recover the deleted folder and the deleted files inside the folder.

In the edit field which JAWS speaks as:

Search for: edit

there is a star/asterisk in the edit field by default.

What do I need to type into the edit field for File Scavenger to search for the deleted folder and files, and nothing else.

The deleted folder, is called MP3. And, it is in the rroot of the drive.

Any and all help will be mery much appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.


Dave Durber

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