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I use a Surface Pro Three. While I have the keyboard cover, I strongly
recommend the Logitech k810. The keys are larger than those on the cover,
and it's very comfortable to type on. Make certain you get the keyboard for
the PC, as there is another one for the Mac, I believe that's the k811, but
I may have confused the two numbers. Just be sure you get the PC model
which will be stated on their web site.


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Never seen one, but the Surface Pro has something called a type cover--a
regular keyboard, I believe. I think it might be an extra-cost accessory,

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Hi Everyone,

Recently a friend of mine purchased a Microsoft Surface tablet for which
she is planning to use at school. She and I have been searching for the
right bluetooth keyboard to work with it. I have seen that some of you
have the MS Surface Pro and I am wondering which keyboard you are using.

All suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Robbie J. Curtis
"Stay in peace, not pieces!"

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