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You know, back when I had IE 8, Google used to keep warning me that the
browser would not be net capable in the near future, kept trying to get me
to update. Now that I have 11, I do have a bit of a harder time with Youtube
stuff. I think that is pretty strange.

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Hi. In the past week or two, I no longer get sound on YouTube when using
IE11. I do get sound on YouTube with Firefox, but I'm experiencing problems
with FF and want to keep IE as my default. Any ideas? Here's what I can add.

In Firefox, JAWS detects You tube's volume slider. It does not do so when I
have IE11 loaded.

With YouTube running on IE, I open the "Adjust system volume" dialog and
tab over until IE is verbalized. The volume level is at 72%. The next tab
takes me to a button that says "unmute," implying volume is muted in IE. I
press enter, the dialog disappears, but still no sound. (all the while I
have a lengthy item playing in YouTube.)

Sound is working in every other application.

So, again, any ideas?

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