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could the volume in the youtube player be muted? usually, there is a button that's labeled mute for when the video is playing. it might be changed to unmute set by the author, in which you'd have to change it back to mute, so the audio portion plays. also it might be that the video does not have any audio, hence a silent video.

On 8/25/2015 8:45 AM, Adrian Spratt via Jfw wrote:
Hi. In the past week or two, I no longer get sound on YouTube when using IE11. I do get sound on YouTube with Firefox, but I'm experiencing problems with FF and want to keep IE as my default. Any ideas? Here's what I can add.

In Firefox, JAWS detects You tube's volume slider. It does not do so when I have IE11 loaded.

With YouTube running on IE, I open the "Adjust system volume" dialog and tab over until IE is verbalized. The volume level is at 72%. The next tab takes me to a button that says "unmute," implying volume is muted in IE. I press enter, the dialog disappears, but still no sound. (all the while I have a lengthy item playing in YouTube.)

Sound is working in every other application.

So, again, any ideas?

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