Custom Radio Station Website that works with JAWS

Brad Martin

I had found which is supposed to let you create your own custom radio stations, and I kinda liked it, except that it has been a struggle to use it with JAWS. Many of the buttons are unlabeled, so it's hit or miss whether I can do what I want on any given day or in any given browser. I never could figure out how to create custom stations in it, although the instructions make it sound idiotproof. The most I could ever do was type in an artist's name, and see what came on as a result. I forgot my password tonight, and I wanted to recover it so I could use it at work. There was no way for me to change it without knowing the old one, so I logged out in order to say "I forgot my password". Now I can't get the login prompt to come up. I'm completely over it and undone.

Is anybody familiar with a similar website that actually works with JAWS? I've never used Pandora, Spotify, etc. I'm not a fan of I Heart Radio for many reasons. Any recommendations out there?

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