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Do you access your email via
If so, there is a lite version of the email interface which is just check boxes, links end headings.

There is also an Outlook app for iOS which might work.

Hope this helps.

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On Aug 24, 2015, at 8:14 PM, Kimsan via Jfw <> wrote:

At my job, we switched over to office 365, using the web based email I'm
unable to quickly navigate through the interface.

I can't remember what we used before lol, but I used to be able to sign in,
press x, to navigate from checkbox to checkbox and there was a link for the
subject, click it, read it, reply, rinse and repeat. Now I'm clueless!

All I can do is navigate heading-by-heading, and at times I get lucky, am
able to open up an email, but there is when the fun begins. Reading the
email, trying to forward, reply, even locating the send button is a chure!

I work for the school district, so I'm off for the summer and they just
switched over to office 365, and I'm trying to check emails from home to get
info about the possible strikes the teachers are preparing for. Any tips on
how to resolve this email issue?

Thank you!

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