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Stephanie Switzer

I agree. However, I'm kind of wondering who will read that. Because the same thing is listed in the monthly reminder that we all get on the first of the month.

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Thank you. I am sure that will save more hair from being pulled out! By
this time however, I would bet that some listers have simply "blocked" all
JAWS list serve messages. This is rather extreme; but, it does work!

Jim H

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Hello everyone!
I'm not posting this as admin, or to call out anyone in particular. I
just wanted to post a reminder to let everyone know that if you write
unsubscribe/subscribe to this email address: "<"
the only thing that will happen is that your message will end up on
this list. We, as listers can't really do anything about it. So,
instead if you could please go to this link, and follow the steps for
which ever thing you would like to do (unsubscribe/subscribe). That
would be grate. Thank you!
The link:

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