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Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...>

Interesting, Mike. I tend to Arrow, so never saw the difference - will try
tabbing, thanks.

Best from,


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Hi Pablo,

Using IE10, if I arrow to a link & invoke either, shift + F10, shift +
application key, or the application key only, I will get 1 list of results
in the context menu, but if I tab to a link & use any of the previous
mentioned keystrokes, I will get a different list of results in the context
Take care.
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Hi all,
Some laptops, and some Bluetooth keyboards don't have the application key. I
understand that shift + F10 is the same thing as the application key. But
when we press shift + application key, we have different options than when
we press just application key. In the case that someone is using a keyboard
without an application key, what is the
Thankskeystroke to replicate the function of shift application key?

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