Re: How to Get an "Applications Key" on a Lenovo Laptop?

Ed Marquette <marquette.ed@...>

This depends on which Lenovo model you are using. You can
sometimes swap the insert key and the applications key. Since
insert is the typical insert key, that may not be entirely
desirable; however, with the laptop keyboard, the capslock key
becomes the JAWS key. Depending upon personal preference, this
may be a good way to get both a JAWS key, which you absolutely
need, and an applications key, which is pretty handy.
The insert key, when it is not the JAWS key, is pretty useless.
Though, I would love to replace the print screen key with
something useful. I don't think I've ever found a use for the
print screen key.

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Right click though is WHEREVER THE mouse happens to be. The
application menu is triggered where the keyboard is focused.

You could of course route the jaws to PC cursor before doing the
right click but that is even more cumbersome than shift+f10.

On 8/20/15, Ann Byrne via Jfw <> wrote:
Often the right click and applications menus are the same. Not
always, but often.
eAt 08:33 AM 8/20/2015, you wrote:

My Lenovo L440 laptop has no "Applications Key" as is found on a
standard keyboard. The Applications Key functions like a right
click. So, how does someone do this without an Applications
Or, perhaps better, how can someone make a key on the Lenovo act
the Applications Key?



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