Re: keystroke in outlook 2010 to add sender to contacts?

Ann Byrne

Add to sender isn't an option on my computer. Rats!

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You can go right into the "To" field by holding down the alt key and pressing 3 (number row above the letters) twice quickly. Each of the other numbers 1 through 6 take you into one or other field (1 for "from," etc.).

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I do SHIFT + TAB back to the From field. Once I get there, I hit the
application menu and select the "add sender to outlook contacts" option. It
works, but it'd be nice if there was a better way.

I imagine this would make a nice beginning JAWS script project. If I put
this together, I'll post about it.

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What's the best way in outlook 2010 to add the sender to your contacts?

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