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It sounds like you are writing a program in C or C++ and I'm guessing it is
what Visual Studio calls a "console application". If that assumption is
correct, then when you run the program, it opens a console window and
displays all text output in that window. When the program exits, the console
window says "press enter to close the window" or something like that. Before
you press enter to close the window, you should be able to read the text in
the same way as you would with any Windows command shell.

In my experience, Windows command shells are kind of difficult to use with
JAWS. If the amount of text output is small (that is, it all fits in the
console window without scrolling), then you might be able to read it by
virtualizing the window (INSERT + ALT + W). This displays ONLY the text
visible in the command shell, so anything that has scrolled off the top will
not show up in the virtual viewer.

If your application is NOT a console application (that is, it's some kind of
GUI application), then I'm not sure where standard output goes. There might
be a compile option to open a command shell, in which case it would be
displayed there, just like a console application. But I really don't know.

If I remember correctly, there are some JAWS scripts that make Visual Studio
easier to use (hotkeys to examine the value of variables under the debugger
and that sort of thing).

You might consider joining the program-l mailing list, which is for blind
software developers. You might get more help in that list. For information
about that list, send email to program-l-request@... with the
subject "faq" and you should get a reply with info about subscribing, etc.

I hope this helps.

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I just installed visual studio 2010 and am using it with Jaws. When I run
program, I get some lines telling me that the program has successfully
but I don't see the text I designed the program to print on the screen. I
not sure if this is an issue of properly accessing the output window with
jaws or if it is an issue with how I am using the cout and iostream
commands. Should the text come out in the same wwindow as the output
that gives the errors and other such stuff about how the program ran? Is
there anyone here who is familiar with the use of visual studio with jaws
and can help?
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